Are you looking for challenges games? Here you will find all kind of challenges which you can imagine: challenges for friends, challenges online, beauty challenges…

Challenges for friends

Every day, we dedicate ourselves to taking photos continuously. Some of them we forgot them in the gallery of our phones. They are usually photographs which we can define as fun, funny or different. But we wouldn’t like anyone to see them.

The challenge generate that social pressure which forces you to reveal them. All people enjoy these famous challenges. There are fun games to do with friends from very easy to very difficult, challenges to do at home, funny tests… There are some challenge for 2 players or multiplayer too.

Today, we present you a game to challenge for friends. Battle of beauty is the online game that allows you to challenge your friends. You can choose a picture of yourself and bet who is the most handsome, who has uploaded the most beautiful photo or the most embarrassing … you can choose what you want! Your friends will can vote their favorite and you will see who is the winner.

Battle of beauty is a free application available for Android and IOS. You can download here. Would you like to try it?

Beauty challenges

Do you like the world of beauty? Here you will can find all about tips of beauty, makeup and much more! (ENLACE A BEAUTY TIPS)

If you like everything related to beauty (beauty tips, beauty app, beauty challenge .. ) you will love our beauty challenge “Battle of beauty”. It will be great have an application on beauty on your phone.

Battle of beauty is an app which allow you do challenges, talk with your friends, know new people… And in those challenges in which you participate will allow you to see the percentage of responses in each one. You’ll can to ask for advice about beauty, fashion, style… what you want! You’ll can ask to people and discover the most flattering colors and see all the effects they cause on you.

You can choose the questions to ask: Who is more pretty?, Which hair color is best for me?, Which outfit is prettier?…

In addition to all this, while you participate on challenge you’ll be winning Gems. Which will allow you to chat with more people, do more challenges and see all photos you want !

Battle of beauty is a free application available for Android and IOS. You can download here.

Challenge app

There is nothing wrong with having a healthy rivalry between two friends. You can try with fun and easy challenges such as fashion challenges, dress challenges, beauty challenges, chat challenges …

You can also choose challenges depending on the members. There are challenges with two players, challenges for couple, challenges with friends, etc.

With Battle of beauty application you can choose the challenge that you prefer in the simplest way.

The Battle of beauty challenges app allows you to do fashion, beauty challenges … everything is left to the imagination. You just have to upload a photo of yourself and select that friend you want to challenge, your friends can choose their favorite photo and discover who is the winner. Meanwhile, you will get Gems, which will allow you to unlock the profiles of the most hidden users of the app.

Battle of beauty is a free application available for Android and IOS. You can download here. Would you like to try it?

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