Beauty Tips

Experts say that it’s not necessary to invest a lot of money or time to look beautiful. Here you will find the best beauty tips for women and men, homemade tips and much more. Sure you don’t know them yet!

Best beauty tips

All women love be perfect and look spectacular. However, we can’t always afford a beauty salon or the best professional to achieve it. Experts say that it’s not necessary to invest a lot of money or time to look beautiful. If we pay attention to a series of tips it will be enough. Would you like to know them?

Beauty tips for face

#Face. Moisturizing Cream + SPF + Cleansing cream + exfoliant cream = radiant face. Use this formula to maintain radiant skin.

#Make up. After a long day, it’s necessary remove make-up. Not removing the make-up is one of the biggest mistakes teenager girls make. There are a lot of product to do it. The best beauty products are coconut oil, Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover, Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water, M.A.C. Wipes, among others.

#Hair. Proper nutrition is as essential for your hair. Oiling the roots provides nutrition and strength to help your hair grow long and strong. It also helps rejuvenate dead hair shafts.

#Look more awake. Try using a concealer a couple shades lighter than your skin tone, applying it under the arch of your brow, at the inner eye corner, and in the center of your lid, then blend.

Beauty tips for body

#Diet. With spring and summer coming is very important to stay hydrated. Eat more fruits and vegetables. These nutrient-rich foods are also high in fiber and water. Snacking can be a good thing as long as you choose smart snacks.
Revitalises the skin from within and maintains a radiant, healthy complexion.
#Hands and feet. If a moisturizer is too heavy for your face, apply it on your feet and hands! Slather on your heels and hands before bed and you’ll wake up so soft.
#Beautiful nails. If you don’t like cut your cuticles, you can apply a drop of cuticle oil to them each day and massage it in. You’ll have natural and strong nails!

Beauty application

Would you like to have an application on beauty on your phone? Do you like beauty contest game? If yes, continue reading!

Battle of beauty is an app allows you to do it online and free way. You’ll can to ask for advice about beauty, fashion, style… what you want! You’ll can ask to people and discover the most flattering colors and see all the effects they cause on you.

This application allow you to do challenges, talk with your friends, know new people… And in those challenges in which you participate will allow you to see the percentage of responses in each one. You‘ll can ask through an image challenge any question: Who is more pretty?, Which hair color is best for me?, Which outfit is prettier?…

In addition to all this, while you participate on challenge you’ll be winning Gems. Which will allow you to chat with more people, do more challenges and see all photos you want !

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Beauty Tips
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