Beauty Apps

The best applications of beauty for your android or IOS phone

1.1 Beauty applications for your mobile camera.

Beauty plus.

This application is the favorite of all the world and it’s not for less, since this application has been developed with the help of professional photographers. This application for the camera of your mobile, allows you to touch up the imperfections of your face without being noticed, therefore you will have the opportunity to get perfect selfies in just one click.


This application for our mobile camera doesn’t have to envy nothing to beauty plus. Beauty cam allows you to make your selfies in a thousand different ways, you can tweak, change the filter or be supercute. If you want to change from a conventional selfie to a fun one with color, this could be your best option.

1.2 Beauty application with the best tips.


Amino is an application for mobile, which allows the user to create a community of the subject that they want, as well as to introduce themselves in a community of the topic that interests them.

Here you can find different communities about beauty, tips, clothes and tips to keep you in shape. If you really want to know different beauty tips, this application will give you the opportunity to find them and you be able to exchange opinions among the members of the community you choose, as well as publish your own tips that work for you. Not only you will know new tips but you can also make friends.

If you are interested in Korean beauty, you will be able to find different communities in which they share the new fashion products used by celebrities in Korea, and skin care routines with specific products.

Amino is an application that contains a large number of communities about fashion, daily care and beauty. I recommend especially this application, since you can find a lot of information and I think it is the best. So exploring and finding the one you like best to share information with the rest of the community.

1.3 Beautiful hairstyles app

1.3.1 IOS

Hair Tutorial – Hairstyle videos for school, work, prom, parties & more!

This application has a great categorization regarding the hairstyles class, you can find hairstyles for any occasion, even for the little ones of the family. If there is a celebrity hairstyle that you like, you will most likely find it in the celebrity category.

It also has a filter in which you can choose the characteristics of how you want your hairstyle; braids, short, long, with curls, smooth etc…

If you need new ideas because you can’t think of anything new to comb your hair, this application will be very useful to find the hairstyle for the occasion you need.

1.3.2 Android


Best hairstyles step by step, as the name says, it teaches you step by step how to do the hairstyle by illustrating it with high quality photographs so that you don’t miss a single detail about the process of realizing hairstyle. As the previous application has a large selection of categories, including:

– Wedding hairstyles
– Dancing hairstyles
– Birthday hairstyles
– Holiday hairstyles
– Sports hairstyles
– Office hairstyles
– Hairstyles for a business meeting
– Hairstyles for school
– Hairstyles for university

Therefore every day you can release a new hairstyle and different from the previous one, thus bring originality to your look and play with new textures and shapes in your hair.

1.4 Beautiful games app

In the following link you can find some of the best games about beauty. (enlazarlo con el artículo beauty pageants, con el apartado 7).

2. Battle of beauty.

Now that you have discovered some of the best applications and you are going to put some of the tips into practice. Why not share them with your friends?, with Battle of beauty you can compare two photographs of yourself, one before applying the tips you have discovered and another after, so your friends could give you their opinion through your vote.

Not only you can compare two pictures of yourself, but you can also challenge one of your friends, so download this free application and challenge your friends, while teaching them the new tips you’ve learned, and have fun with your friends .

Beauty Apps
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