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Battle of Beauty, the social “What do you prefer”?

Battle of Beauty is the app which you will can know new people while you challenge, vote and compite.
Dare to share your most original selfies and challenge your friends.
Voting your favourite photos and get diamond.
In Battle of Beauty, your opinion is what counts!

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Know new people

Know new people

Participate in challenge and competitions

Participate in challenge and competitions

You decide your privacy

You decide your privacy

How Battle of Beauty works?

The social, What do you prefer?

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The power of Diamonds

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How do I create an account in Battle of Beauty?

Creating an account in Battle of Beauty is very simple. You can do it through your email, your Facebook or Google account.

Can I upload a photo from my gallery?

In Battle of Beauty we bet on naturalness. Therefore, there is only the possibility of uploading photos taken at the moment.

Can I create a competition with a hashtag already used?

You can not create a competition with a hashtag that has already been used, since you would enter directly into that competition. However, the competition has a time duration, once elapsed you can reuse that hashtag to create a new one.

I were the winner of a competition, do I have a reward?
  • The winner of the competition will receive X diamonds according to the number of participants that the competition has had. In addition, the medal that has been the winner of that competition will appear on your profile.
  • No reward is paid. However, in your profile will appear the winner medal of that competition.
How do I choose how much does it cost to access my profile?

Entering your profile you will find four bars for each section of your profile (photos, challenges, competitions and chat). From there, you can modify the price of each section.

Who can see my profile?

Depending on your profile configuration, the following forms will be given:

  • Public: All users will be able to see your profile.
  • With diamonds: All users who pay the price of each section will be able to access your profile.
  • Private: No one can access your profile.
What are the Diamonds for?

Diamonds allow you access to different sections of user profiles, such as:

  • Photos

  • Challenges

  • Competitions

  • Chat

What happens if I don’t have Diamonds?

Don’t worry! There are several ways to get Gems:

  • Voting in random battles

  • When a person unlocks sections of your profile (photos and challenges)

  • We give you the possibility to buy as many as you want...

Can I contact a friend through the app?

You can contact any friend by sharing your profile using your social networks.

What is the bar that is at the top of the main screen?

It is a progress bar that follows your path of success or failure when you vote for a photograph.

  • In the case that you have chosen the photograph the most voted, it will move forward.

  • In the case that you have not chosen the most voted option, it will go back.

At the moment the bar advances to the end of its limit you will win a diamond and so the action can be repeated again and again.

How can I have my private profile?

You have the option to choose how you want your profile: completely private, public, or you can decide how many Gems will cost users to see your photos, challenges and talk with you.

Can I block a user?

In the upper right part of each user's chat the blocking option will be found.

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